ApyApp Achievements
Here’s what happened since our inception in March 2021
A RECAP OF OUr progress
We launched 2 ApyStores and 2 new exciting designs this year. We got the maximum MPV grant, and the total amount of R&D tax offset is now more than $2M.

ApyShelved delivered

ApyStores built

R&D Tax Incentive

Average AI confidence boost
21 780

Hours AI in training

Products in database

message from THE founder

We’ve managed to steam through the MPV and proof of concept all the way to creating our own cryptocurrency and building 2x brick-and-mortar autonomous stores. Our Next Big Thing will be introducing Australian businesses to casual use of Augmented Reality in brick-and-mortar stores.

Stay positive and be Apy!

Artur Dailidonis
offline event
We are launching an event in Martin Place in collaboration with a prominent industry partner in 2022. We're launching a series of podcasts and educational videos to help ApyStore owners outcompete everyone in their suburbs.

We're looking to partner with major academic institutions and expand our workforce through a series of hackathons. Stay tuned to be the first to know about our latest updates.

Local artists represented in ApyStores

Products available for sale

Collaborators to launch ApyApp
industrial facility
In October 2021 we partnered with a successful entrepreneur to launch a production facility in South Granville NSW. We've developed and tested smart shelves, ApyStores, and trained ApyAI on our production campus.
webinar series
Clients get free business advisory concierge with any ApyStore purchase
The market is changing faster than ever, and you need to keep in touch with professionals in the field to keep up with the latest trends in technologies and marketing. This year, we introduced a series of ApyPartner webinars about business development and marketing techniques with a number of experts. You’ll find announcements for the next webinars as well as the recordings of all the previous webinars by clicking on the link below.

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