A cool new rewards system
ApyDollar is so much more than just a rewards system! Did you know that ApyDollar is the first cryptocurrency in the world to hold key triple economic value?
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about apydollar
The interaction model between ApyDollar and ApyStore is straightforward. Starting with the circulation value, ApyApp users can purchase paying with ApyDollars in ApyStores, where ApyApp guarantees a minimal redeemable value (MRV) for the ApyDollar.
However, when the market value is above MRV, the current market value is used to the user's benefit. Every time an ApyApp user spends Australian Dollars in ApyStores, 1% of the total AUD sale value paid gets back to the user in the form of ApyDollars rewards (loyalty gis), computed at the current market price.
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it works
ApyApp users purchase items in ApyStores or in participating outlets. ApyDollars are automatically added to their accounts for each $1 spent.
Users can spend ApyDollars just like the Australian Dollars. There are already a number of partner businesses accepting ApyDollars as a payment method.
Advanced users may choose to HODL, trade, or even stake ApyDollars to receive higher rewards. Learn more on ApyDollar's dedicated website.
ApyDollars can already be used to shop at ApyStores and in our partner stores.
ApyDollar is built to have fully-fledged dividend value in the form of rewards sent to users.
People can speculate on the value of ApyDollar, just like with any other crypto coin.
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