Office. Infrastructure. Funding. Get it all here.
ApyHub is a comprehensive startup incubator space. We guide you from ideation to incorporation to funding. Heck yeah, and you get the best coffee in town!
Desk & Computer
You get your dedicated space to work on your ideas. Our epic team is around if you get stuck or want to get a second opinion.
Company & Infrastructure
We setup your company, website, CRM / Slack / Jira / Confluence and accounting software.
Funding & Grants
We invest in your startup. We then work with you and Ernst and Young to maximise your potential for getting MPV and other grants.
Launch Your Startup with ApyHub
A comprehensive startup incubator space. ApyHub is an exceptional place to kickoff and grow your startup business.
Our Features
  • 1
    Business Ideation
    We help you craft your business idea and shape it into a viable business concept.
  • 2
    Company Setup
    We assist in the legal process of setting up your company, including documentation and regulatory compliance.
  • 3
    IT Infrastructure
    We provide essential IT infrastructure, including accounting and CRM systems, to streamline your business operations.
  • 4
    Coworking Space
    You'll have a personal desk at our modern co-working office in Mascot, fostering a collaborative and inspiring work environment.
  • 5
    Laptop and Peripherals
    We equip you with a laptop and necessary peripherals to ensure you have the tools you need for success.
  • 6
    Startup Investment
    We invest in your startup, providing financial support to help your business grow and reach its full potential.
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