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walk-in vending machine
apystore S

20 foot container


from $10,000
  • ✓ 14 sqm retail space
  • ✓ Delivery in NSW included
  • ✓ Deployment & Training
  • ✓ AI Cameras & Security
  • ✓ Updates & Upgrades
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about apystore
ApyStore is a checkoutless retail outlet inside a shipping container. Imagine a convenience store without any checkouts.

ApyStore reinvents retail by eliminating checkouts and enabling 24/7 sales while reducing operating costs by up to 90%.
It's like a walk-in vending machine with a powerful computer doing sales instead of you. A solar-powered 20 foot or 40 foot container which can only be accessed by ApyApp users.
ROI in 18 months achieved by ApyStore operators
Operating costs
with ApyStore
it works
User signs up and adds credit card details. This enables the user to scan a QR code at the door to unlock ApyStore.
User scans products, taps "Pay" in the app and walks away. It's so simple - no queues and a lot of saved time.
User automatically receives ApyDollar loyalty point. No need for the additional expensive infrastructure.
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scan & go
get rewarded
  • only for members
    Customers need to sign up for ApyApp and enter credit card details in order to access ApyStore.
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  • cameras galore
    High-quality real-time video surveillance feeds data to our powerful Machine Learning model.
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  • AI police
    If a user collects more items than they paid for, they're on-charged and are reported to authorities.
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  • low risks
    Accessible insurance premiums due to reduced risks, including no cash on premises and reduced risk to employee lives.
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Most ApyStore owners achieved 100% return on investments within 18 months.
Your concierge will address any questions you might have about ApyStore, 24/7 365 days a year.
Get free updates and hardware upgrades for 10 years.
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You can discuss your concerns with your ApyApp business concierge.
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